Things you forgot your stylist told you..

This Page is mainly just a quick recap on the rules I gave you after our session together.

1) Do not wash hair after a color session for at least 24-48 hours. Don't do it. 

2) If you are a blonde make sure to pick up purple shampoo. If not blonde then get a color care shampoo. It will be your best friend. I sell Jodie purple shampoo along with other great color care products. Basically there is no excuse not to have this!

3) I don't want to see any of my clients using a rubber band. Invest in a soft hair tie or my favorite old school scrunchi. The rubber from those tight bands creates friction along the hair shaft causing a rough texture you do not want. Ever ask your self why your layers always seem to need a trim? Yeah.

4) Pre-book your appointments! Less stress all around. You will thank yourself later.