Price change

CURRENT CLIENTS please read. First I want to say THANK YOU x 1000 to all of my clients who support my business on the daily and give me the freedom to grow my skill set. It’s been a very successful 6 months since I transitioned into the new space—I am busier behind the chair than ever before, booked out several weeks in advance, and have had to keep my books closed from new clients for a few months now. All of this is because of YOU—your support, loyalty, and referrals. I am so grateful to have each and every one of you in my chair.

Every year I invest in continuing education, improve my skillset, and keep up to date with top of the line color and hair products. As many of you have seen, the past year has been full of growth as a stylist and business owner as I continue to evolve with you and the industry throughout my career. With that being said, during my growth, my schedule has become increasingly busy and more challenging to get into. Therefore, due to high demand, I will be revising some of the pricing of my services—beginning January  7th. Prices on my most popular services will increase 5-10%. All of this is happening so I can continue to deliver all the best techniques and products possible, while devoting the perfect amount of time to focus on your unique needs. New prices will be updated on my website!

If you have any questions about my price revisions or how this will effect your appointments in particular, please feel free to contact me directly.

I cherish and respect my relationship with you all, and am so grateful for your continued support and loyalty!

Committed to giving you all my best,


Olivia May