Hair painting. What is it?


Being a stylist who was starting to build a career right when this trend set in, i learned 

so much so fast through many trial and errors. There is this misconception people give to this technique.

This isn't 'just' a kind of color or a kind of style. This is a practice. 

A balayage I do on one client I may not be able to do on another. Balayage was created to flow. It was created to help hair look alive. For color to seem more lived in or even to stand out! To be able to do it open air or foiled or any crazy way that works.

It has a different purpose for every single strand. It should move with their head, it should match their personality. The way I apply Vaires for every person, I paint where I feel color should go. 

This is why I always require a consult before booking any kind of balayage. 

Whats the diffence between all these different techniques? I'll explain  

balayage- sweeping technique of the hair. Open air processed.  Great for those wanting some subtle dimension or some face framing sunkissed strands.

Foiliage- using foils in a non traditional way to get extra lift from a open air balayage. Used to those who want more blonde, lighter Diminson.

Ombre- melting of two colors descending from dark to light. 

Babylites- thin micro strands of hair applied similar to traditional foiled highlights. These are placed in a specific placement to give a balayage affect but with maximum lift for a more higher contrast color.  


If you have any questions feel free to ask!  



Olivia May