The truth to client consultations..

Hi friends! So I want to talk about the truth to consultations..rather you are a first time client or a 3 year client. 

I want to make a point that there are no dumb questions. I am here to answer. Truth is we've all been there and as the professional I'm here to bring awareness. 

I saw a video of another fellow stylist say "you're paying for the process not the color." And that is so true. I wish that everyone could choose a color and I can easily say YES LETS DO IT and after 3 hours you have that color. But that's not being realistic. Truth is your hair has a history, and I don't get to choose what color your hair will lift to. It's my job to keep the integrity of your hair in tact at the end of my day. So that means, being put on a hair plan (coming in when I say) conditioning treatments, toners, and trims.  I have no control on what your hair will do for me. I can only control what I do. And yes, sometimes the integrity of the hair is compromised. Us stylists are not perfect. We want what is best for our clients. I always Make a point to say during a consult, I can't make any promises but I will bring my best ability and expertise to the table. It will take a process and it can be expensive. There have been times when I have turned away clients because I know there hair has been overly compromised and it would be in their best interest not to contunie with lightning sessions. It's my job to know when to stop and I have before. Its not because I simply don't want to or, that I don't know how to. It's because the health of your hair at that point is my top priority. Clients I can't say this enough, please follow your stylists take home regimens. It's important to take care of your hair. Especially when being put on a hair plan while going lighter. Help me help you. 

Second, please know, Pinterest can be awesome but it can also be very deceiving. A lot of photos have been edited to look brighter, lighter, more vivid than the raw photo. So it's hard for us stylists to have to say, I'm sorry but that is not realistic that has been photoshopped. Then the client is disappointed. So my loves, if you're wanting silver, white blonde, or a creative takes time. It takes a process and it may compromise your hair. I can't Say yes, that you will get too that ash blonde balayage, because going back to the beginning of my story, your hair has a history that I have to color correct and that takes time. 

So, to all my new clients thinking about going bold or taking your blonde to the next level, take this into consideration and understand I am here to help and here to take care of your hair. Always ask questions, be curious about what I'm doing. I love to educate my clients!   And if you're new to my site and wanting to book a consultation go over to the contact me or book now link and I'll get in touch with you.


Olivia May